Thursday, July 3, 2014

Petrel - Progress Report 3

It seems as though time has been running through my fingers like water... without all that much Petrel building progress to show for it. Sure, I've had some excuses and interruptions but in any case, this is my first boat building project that is proving to be more than a simple "winter project".

Before the otherwise finished hull and deck could be joined, there were a number of details which were much easier to take care of while the two halves were still apart.

Without a doubt these tasks took me a lot longer than would be required for someone already familiar with the procedures.

First there was the cockpit riser...

Then the cockpit coaming...

 Oh yeah, and then the matter of cutting the hatches and then creating a spacer and sill.

While not essential, the Petrel works well with a retractable skeg. Aside from the skeg itself you have to build the skeg box into which the skeg can retract.

The control of the skeg is relayed via a cable to the recessed control box which is installed in easy reach from the cockpit.

Finally it was time to bring hull and deck together. This proved to be a rather arduous task since the hull had become quite a bit wider during the interim separation from the forms.Simply taping top and bottom together as called for and then installing the fiber glass tape along the inner sheer was a lot easier said than done.

Eventually the task was accomplished with a generous helping of expletives and various forms of libation and of course the eventual use of the aforementioned fiber glass tape along the inner seam.

The next step was another task previously unfamiliar to me... the installation of the outer bow and stern stems.   

The outer stems will still need to be covered by several layers of fiber glass. Similarly, the outer seam will be glassed for protection and strength. Then - finally - I can start the business of varnishing and then rigging the boat.

I can't wait when I can pick up my Petrel the way I pickup my friend Dan Thaler's immaculate Petrel... what a ride!!!